Lady Liberty

Symbols of love, peace, faith… Symbols inspire, move, and connect us. The Statue of Liberty is a powerful symbol of freedom.

0point2 is many things, including a symbol of freedom – the freedom to love and the freedom to be ourselves.

Seeing Lady Liberty was a true 0.2 moment.


0.2 moments happen when you feel the rush of love in as quickly as 1/5th of a second. It can happen with a lover, friend, pet, and most importantly with yourself.

This beautiful 3 month puppy created a rush of pure overwhelming love. A life-affirming 0.2 moment.

Pink Moon

Tuesday’s first full moon of spring – the beautiful and magical “Pink Moon” – was a pure 0.2 moment. It symbolized the changes in nature, the rebirth, and the growth happening this time of year. When we allow ourselves to feel the energy of the moon, we can also experience magical changes in our own lives.

That is a 0.2 moment.