a wounded healer

As a wounded healer, I am also constantly adding to my skill base and just finished a 2-year training and did my dissertation research on a cutting edge psychotherapeutic treatment method, The Neuro-affective Relational Model (NARM). NARM works with the patients, psychology, physiology and relational aspects to support new healthier patterns and create increasing capacity for connection and aliveness. I have been in practice since 2008 and the vision of my work is to help people gain awareness of and express their authentic self. As well as reach their full potential, have rich intimate connections and to relieve suffering. I believe that the more connected one is to their authentic self they will have greater connection with others. Awareness of and connection to our authentic selves supports well-being and greater mental health.
I am humbled daily by my work of being in service to others and it is a great honor and joy. For fun, I like to paint, exercise, cook and spend time with my husband of 16 years, my 5 grown children and 2 poodles.